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Cover B Podcast

When you spend as much time as we do reading, thinking about, arguing over, and theorizing on comics, it helps to get it all out on a regular basis. Cover B Podcast - a brand new, weekly comic podcast available on a device near you!

Learn more about our weekly comic recommendations, recent nerd news, and a variety of other topics, from recent movie reviews to suggestions for non-comic readers!

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Jan 18, 2019

Weekly Pull Highlights

  • Uncanny X-Men #10
  • Invaders #1
  • Black Widow #1
  • Justice League Dark #7
  • Middlewest #3


Whether they're Far From Home, stealing someone's intellectual property, getting cancelled by EA, or coming back from the dead, you'll hear about it first (more likely last) from us!

This we we introduce a new segment called Key Issues where we whine about stuff to unwind all that built up millennial angst. We're laying out the issues we have about events and crossovers in DC and Marvel and how they just tend to fall flat.