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When you spend as much time as we do reading, thinking about, arguing over, and theorizing on comics, it helps to get it all out on a regular basis. Cover B Podcast - a brand new, weekly comic podcast available on a device near you!

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May 31, 2019

Weekly Pull Highlights

  • Doomsday Clock #10
  • Heroes in Crisis #9
  • Batman Last Knight on Earth #1
  • Superman Leviathan Special
  • She Said Destroy #1
  • Peter Cannon: Thunderbolt #5
  • X-23 #12

This week, DC comes in with a 4-hit combo of awesome stories and leaves Chris broken and abused. Luckily Tee is there to discuss some other comics while he gets up and ices his bruised readin' eyes.

In the news, we got more Tom King, more Deadpool, more Sonic the Hedgehog.... Wow, things tend to repeat, huh? Also info on the Avengers game coming out of Square Enix and we briefly talk E3!

Finally, Tee raises a key issue about Marvel and their lack of commitment. Seriously, guys, we just want to know what we are to you. We want a label, we don't just want to be some podcasters you know. This is real, we can feel it!

....wait, that's not what she meant by commitment? Haha, yeah.... I knew that all along..... totally....