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May 10, 2019

Weekly Pull Highlights

  • Female Furies #4
  • Excellence #1
  • War of the Realms Strikeforce: New Agents of Atlas
  • Batman and the Outsiders #1
  • Flash #70
  • Doctor Aphra #32
  • Betty and Veronica #5


Tee is back in action this week, and makes her comic penance by going over the female dis-empowerment of Female Furies from last week, plus Chris gives some solid jumping in points for late issue comics. 

As for news, we run you through a whole bunch of trailers both big and small, including the new 'Spider-Man: Far from Home,' AKA, 'Jake Gyllenhaal as everyone's favorite member of the Babysitter's Club'.

We wrap up with a Mother's Day special about how not very special the poor mama's in comics are.